Learning Copic Markers
Learning Copic Markers

I’ve recently begun to experiment with learning Copic Alcohol Markers. My favorite subject to draw is myself, so I took several outfit selfies I was proud of and rendered them in Copics. I learned about blending colors, rendering in layers, and how much or little information to include in a stylized drawing of a realistic reference.

While thrifting, I found a figurine wearing a cute outfit that I could imagine my magical girl Harmony wearing. I decided it was another great reference for my Copic practice and excuse to draw Harmony in a new outfit setting! Similar to my outfit drawings, I experimented with how much detail to keep and simplify without losing the charm of the original figure. I also experimented with utilizing shading with markers along with hatching to show form and depth.

And finally, I decided to try rendering my friend and I’s characters from Final Fantasy. I had fun rendering the metal by considering high contrast, and my friend’s blonde hair by blocking in the shades.

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