Something to Believe In
Something to Believe In

Fan art of the movie Queen & Slim.
Cut decorative paper
Traditional Line art
Digital Painting
Initially, I started this piece in 2019 when the movie came out. It showed us that police brutality can happen any time and to almost any one, and how it can rattle an entire nation, not just a community. On the run after an incident with a police officer, the couple become symbols of freedom, resistance, and hope. The movie depicts their sacrifices of comfort and happiness for survival.
Years later, in 2023, I was asked to finish it for a local exhibition. I refreshed myself on the movie & realized just how relevant the message still is today, as we bear witness to the horrific death of Tyre Nichols and many others like him. Stories like this give all of us 'something to believe in', a quote from the movie.

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