Mama's Sunnyside Garden
Mama's Sunnyside Garden

Top Down Simulation done in Game Maker.

"Welcome to 'Mama's Sunnyside Garden' - the game where you get to help Mama Gainz grow her garden! Mama Gainz has a green thumb, but she needs your help to plant and tend to her garden. She has all the tools you need, from watering cans to trowels, so roll up your sleeves and let's get to work!"

For this jam, the New Year, New Jam hosted by GameMaker and GX.Games, we had 2 weeks to complete a game with the theme 'Relax'. The sub challenge for the jam was to make a game that plays itself, and we decided on a cozy gardening game about growing plants. Through this jam, I learned to ask for help if overwhelmed so other team members can step in and help with work loads, as well as make decisions to narrow scope. Our programmer Ricardo showed me how to input art directly into Game Maker, and I helped with set dressing and UI elements such as the container for the clock, the tools, and the day/night icons. This was my first time creating repeating tiles and I followed a tutorial by pixel artist SLYNYRD/ Raymond Schlitter. As we progressed in the development, I realized just how important corner and connector tiles are to a good-looking, believable tile sets!

The completed game can be found on this page:

The tileset tutorial I followed can be found here:

More artwork