Tarot Card Designs
Tarot Card Designs

When I was planning on Harmony’s story being a magical girl/ witch comic, I decided that designing Tarot cards would be a creative way to create chapter pages.

The Magician is the first mentor the Fool/Main Character encounters, and Harmony’s spider familiar fit the role perfectly. They teach her about transformation of self and share worldly wisdom. The spider presents Harmony with the magician’s tools of pentacles, swords, cups, and wands as they hang in the web above her. The scene takes place in a dream, allowing me to manipulate the scale of figures to push the power imbalance between Harmony and the spider. While the spider loom over her, it lifts up its mandibles in a gesture of greeting and peace. I had fun rendering all the fur and translucency of the spider!

The Fool card represents one who is unafraid to take chances. Harmony being our main character, she is open to the mysteries that lie beyond the cliff’s edge. She wears a white church-like dress out of purity and innocence, and can be seen carries a basket of possessions ready for adventure and her next leap of faith. She looks over the cliff with curiosity instead of fear, ready to leave the comfort of the lily dream field behind. Harmony's rim lighting from being back lit further brings focus to the decision ahead of her.

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